Saturday, July 11th, 2015

9am to 5pm

Eloheh Farm: 13510 NE Roedel Rd, Newberg,Oregon

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Most of us are aware that our current industrial food system is failing us and the planet. Forest garden 1Chronic disease related to obesity is rising, as is the global temperature. GMO crops are nutrient poor and calorie dense, leading to the obesity epidemic. Researchers estimate that 10 calories are spent growing and transporting every 1 calorie of food. We are eating oil! In the midst of these global problems, many creative people are finding solutions. Forest gardens represent one of the answers that addresses many needs. Edible forest gardening creates resilient and long term food production. Unlike vegetables, trees can more easily bear the extreme weather patterns that climate change causes. Trees also bear yearly for decades, and often more than a human lifetime!  Further, tree crops sequester carbon, and provide beyond food fiber, fuel, and fun.

Forest gardening is not a new concept. From the fruit studded Amazon to the chestnut groves of the Forest Garden 2Mediterranean, food forests have been a place-based solution to nutrient needs for millennia. Walnut apple forests in Eastern Europe and forest management in Pre Columbian Turtle Island show how people have practiced sustainable tree-culture for ages. Beyond these examples, participants will experience theological grounding in how the memory of Eden roots our practice of forest gardening in relation to both place and the divine.

This workshop will introduce participants to the theory and practice of forest gardening, beneficial to both urban and rural settings, at Eloheh farm, home to Edith and Randy Woodley.




9am-9.15am: coffee, welcome

9.15-10.30am: Talking Circle, History of the Land and Ethic of Respect

10.30am-11am: Eloheh and Farm Tour

11am-12.15: theological grounding and historical forest gardening

12.15-1pm: lunch (bring your own)

1pm-2pm: forest gardening theory: structure, guilds, design

2pm-4pm: working in garden

4pm-5pm: cleanup, closing circle


Sliding scale fee of $25-$40 due day of workshop. Fees help sustain the work of Eloheh farm and EcoFaith Recovery, and cover supplies for the workshop. Lunch will be on your own.

Registration will be limited to 15 participants.

Workshop will be canceled in the event that there are less than 8 registrants by July 5th.

Register here

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