Peace Lutheran Church

Burns, OR


We at Peace Lutheran/St. Andrews Episcopal Church continue to seek funding for connection to the biomass system in Burns. We have met with the community coordinator, Lori Cheek who is working with our Cohort, Charles Cagle. Charley has been involved with the community developers and has been submitting grant requests with help in writing them provided by Chris Bates. Chris has also been writing grants for the Crossroads Ranch and is a member of the Ecofaith Reformation team. Chris Stott has also been participating as part of the team and has submitted an article to the Living Lutheran magazine describing our efforts to connect our church to the biomass system. To date the system provides heat to an elementary school, our County Courthouse and to a mental health facility. These buildings are showing dramatic reductions in heating costs and it is our hope to be connected to the system by next spring. We have not been successful in obtaining grants and will continue to pursue them. Hopefully those who review the grants will recognize our mission to be an example to other churches, organizations and communities by demonstrating our commitment to a cleaner environment and less dependence on fossil fuels. Our Mission Endowment Fund Board has graciously consented to donating some of the funds needed by April 1 2018 for connection to the biomass system. We are considering using a “Go Fund Me” account and low interest loans if necessary to complete the connection to our church.

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