Connect with Communities Engaging in Eco-Reformation


Community of ChristChurch

5170 NW Five Oaks Drive,

Hillsboro, OR 97124

In an attempt to utilize unused land on the church’s property, Community of ChristChurch decided to partner with Village Building Convergence to transform their back 40 by 300 foot strip of property. They created this area into a beautiful food forest/permaculture garden, in hopes of also cultivating an inviting and community building space. Learn more about the project here.



Wilderness Way Community

Meets at Leaven Community Center

431 NE 20th Ave, Portland, OR 97211

The mission of Wilderness Way is all about Eco-Reformation: “Wilderness Way exists to ground and cultivate “wild” Christian disciples and fearless spiritual leaders, rooted in the natural world and the prophetic Christian tradition, offering our lives for the transformation of our culture and economy into one that Jesus might recognize as what he called the Kingdom of God, what we might call the Ecosystem of God.”

For Earth Day, Wilderness Way instigated a tree planting day at Eloheh Farm in collaboration with two other groups. They planted over 150 trees. Read more at the Watershed Discipleship blog and watch the video below (created by Soren Nilsen-Goodin).





Beginning in 2017 and throughout the year, we will list public projects sponsored by faith communities and denominational bodies of the Pacific Northwest in celebration of the Eco-Reformation and its longed-for impact upon the next 500 years of earthly life. Faith communities and denominational bodies are invited to please email the name and a short description of your projects to along with the corresponding weblink to that project on your faith community or denominational website, if available. Please include dates if your project will be time limited. Thank you for your leadership within the Eco-Reformation of 2017 – 2517!

  • What can we list for your church here beginning January 2017?!
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