Join the Creation Justice Advocacy Team and Global Day of Action

Kickoff Event:

11 March 2021

On 11th of March, 2021, we will kick off our statewide organizing during the Oregon legislative session by sounding the alarm on climate change.

The 11th of March is the kickoff day for powerful 2021 climate action. The EMO Creation Justice Advocacy Team 2021 kicks off with participation in the Sacred People, Sacred Earth global day of action. Organize your community to Sound the Alarm. People of faith from all over the world will publicly sound the alarm of our climate crisis through bells, drums, shofars, voices, pots & pans, other noise makers, and through action in community. THEN, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon (EMO) is hosting a free virtual forum: Creation Justice Advocacy Team 2021. We have important statewide organizing to do during the Oregon legislative session!

EcoFaith Recovery is partnering with Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon (EMO) and Oregon Interfaith Power & Light (OIPL) to join GreenFaith‘s global day of action for the climate and the EMO Creation Justice Team 2021 actions. What we may doubt that we can do alone, we know we can do together when we join our power and our voices to stand up boldly for what we believe in.

You and your faith community are invited and encouraged to join the kickoff event by choosing an action to take at 11:00am on March 11th, submitting your video to EcoFaith Recovery, and joining us for Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon’s training at 7:00pm (PST) that evening, to learn how we can act during Oregon’s 2021 legislative session.

A sneak peak of bills coming up for vote this year is 100% Clean Energy for All. We can make this a reality for every Oregon resident.

We know that grassroots people of faith across the world are organizing for environmental justice and we believe that grassroots communities are ahead of our institutions and denominations in calling for bold climate solutions. Join us on March 11, 2021, and join people of faith across the world with taking action in support of massive change and climate action.

The world is crying out for change. Around the world, diverse, grassroots people of faith and conscience are coming together to demand real solutions and to lead by example…. We won’t stop till we’ve protected the planet and created a compassionate, loving, and just world.


Sign-up For Creation Justice Advocacy Team 2021

March 11th, 2021 at 7:00pm PST

On March 11th at 7 p.m., join a free virtual forum “Creation Justice Advocacy Team 2021.”
We will learn about EMO’s Oregon Interfaith Power & Light (OIPL) climate and environmental policy advocacy for the 2021 Oregon Legislative Session. This Creation Justice Advocacy Team 2021 will meet throughout the legislative session for training and education, participate in state and federal lobbying about creation justice, and serve as a rapid response team to respond to action alerts throughout the session.

We are partnering with environmental groups who place particular attention on racial and economic justice. We need YOU to join us as we raise an interfaith voice for moral and just public policies for the health of our communities and land.


Join the March 11th Kickoff Event

Your Participation Matters

Steps to Participate in the Global Day of Action:

  • Designate a community action organizer(s) and review the Action Organizer document here.
  • Decide on what action you will take and where/how.
    • See action examples below.
    • Will you meet physically-distanced outside your faith community building?
    • Will you meet at the park, outside your law makers office building, or at another public space (street corner, etc.)?
    • Will you meet via Zoom or other online platform?
  • Publicize and Invite your community to this global day of action.
  • Meet with your community on March 11th, 2021 at 11:00am (or a time of your choosing, if need be.)
  • Take a Video of your community in action.
    • Submit a short version of your video to EcoFaith with the phrase: [Your Faith Community Name] demands 100% clean energy for all.” Your community statement will be included in a compilation of the March 11th day of action.
    • Post your video on social media with the hashtags #Faiths4Climate, #SacredPeopleSacredEarth, @ecofaithrecovery, @e_m_oregon, @greenfaithworld
  • Attend EMO’s Training on March 11th at 7:00pm (PST) to learn about upcoming ways to support new Oregon climate legislation campaigns and further community building for climate justice.

Sound the Alarm Event Page

A page for those organizing the March 11th Sound the Alarm event and action. MORE DETAILS ON MARCH 11th EVENT.

EMO 2021 Creation Justice Sign-Up

(Receive important upcoming information for the March 11th action, training, and future organizing.)



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