Decorate your sidewalk, driveway, street, or window with your message or creative work of hope and action for our planet.


Chalk The Walk Fundraisers have always been a fun way to bring communities together and raise money for important causes and organizations. Traditionally, your donation “buys” you a square in a designated spot, such as in the parking lot or sidewalk near the building that houses the organization or faith community.

Besides pandemic times leaving us physically distanced, EcoFaith has never been housed in one building or place, and that’s by design. We’re now a nationwide network of leaders. This means we can spread our chalk art and messages of hope all over the U.S.! EcoFaith invites you to use your street, driveway, sidewalk, or window to creatively express a message of hope and action for our planet.

We have also launched our first Storytelling cohort, which is training leaders to write a powerful personal story used in service of current and future campaigns. Your donation helps to support these free trainings, as well as initiatives that directly support leadership development for healing God’s Creation.

For this FUNdraiser, EcoFaith invites you to get creative in your community, post it on social media, and send in pictures to be featured on EcoFaith’s social media pages and website. Feel free to post on social media, too, and please donate to EcoFaith to continue making this important work possible. Thank you!


Starting on July 12th through July 26th EcoFaith is running a Chalk The Walk FUNdraiser. You are invited to…

  • Use chalk and your creative expression to spread a message of hope and action on your street and in your neighborhood, or with paper cutouts for your windows.
  • Take pictures of what you created and send them to, with names of the creator(s) and your location. Post your photos to your social media as well and share why you’re donating to EcoFaith.
  • Give a donation to EcoFaith Recovery and a frontline community organization*. You can give to EcoFaith here:
  • EcoFaith will share the photos of your art on our social media pages and our website. When you share them on your pages don’t forget to tag @EcoFaithRecovery

*EcoFaith recognizes that frontline communities are less responsible for climate change, but experience disproportionate risk and harm because of it. So we encourage you to give a donation to a frontline community organization when you donate to EcoFaith Recovery. Here are a few examples of frontline organizations you can donate to:


Our fundraiser goal for this month is $1000




Photo credit link

Photo credit link

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