014Pilgrimage: a journey or search of moral or spiritual significance.

In order to give us all opportunities to deepen our recovery into life-affirming spiritual practices and seed leadership ideas we can take back to our own communities of faith, EcoFaith Recovery is offering a new opportunity. Whenever possible (ideally about once a month), our EcoFaith Recovery network will be invited to go on a “pilgrimage” to join a particular faith community in one of their recovery practices.


During March 2014, EcoFaith Recovery joins the Wilderness Way Community in a Lenten Discipline called “Our Biosphere, Ourselves.” It is based upon the guided meditation with water/apples/breath/pulse that we do as part of our Organizing in the Biocommons Initiative. We invite you this Lent, to  join us in spending 10 minutes outside in prayer or meditation every day for 40 days, beginning on Ash Wednesday, March 5! This year there is a guided meditation as well! Gather a group from your faith community to join you, if possible!

Go here for the Meditation offerings. 

For those of you on Facebook, you can join with other EcoFaith Recovery leaders in these Lenten disciplines for Our Biosphere, Ourselves.


February, 2014, join St. Andrew Lutheran Church in Beaverton, Oregon in practicing 40 Days of Nonviolence using resources from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Pace e Bene. Among the four traditions from which our Beyond Fossil Fuels effort is drawing in our partnership with OnEarth Peace is the tradition of Kingian Nonviolence. St. Andrew Lutheran Church is providing us with opportunities to engage in daily spiritual practices which nurture a spirituality of nonviolence within and among us.

Each day for the next 40 days, you are invited to:
1) Read the Commitment Card Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. asked people to sign, and choose one of the ten commitments you’d like to practice in a special way today.
2) Engage in a devotional practice such as the one recommended in the packet.
3) Conclude by doing one of the daily practices (pgs. 3-4 of the “40 Days of Resources” document) or reviewing the Four Step CARA process from Pace e Bene (pgs. 5-6 of the Resources document) and deciding how you can practice this approach, especially in relationships with those with whom you are in conflict.
For those of you on Facebook, you can join with other EcoFaith Recovery leaders in these Lenten disciplines for 40 Days of Nonviolence.


Sunday afternoon, January 19th
Thank you to Wilderness Way for giving us the first opportunity to take an EcoFaith Pilgrimage in the form of a “Sabbath hike.” For the Wilderness Way Community, this monthly practice offers a time of communion with the sacred earth. It takes place in the same watershed each 3rd Sunday for one year. This year they are coming to know the Tryon Creek Watershed at Tryon Creek State Park. We can either meet them at Salt and Light Lutheran Church (5431 NE 20th Avenue in Portland) at 1:30pm and carpool with them or meet them at Tryon Creek State Park at 2:00pm. A potluck follows at one of the Wilderness Way member’s homes, and all are welcome!
If possible, please RSVP so we can tell the Wilderness Way Community how many of us will be joining them! We hope and pray that all of us who attend will receive some deep spiritual/physical benefits and some great ideas to take back to our own communities of faith!

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