Institute Facilitators

Dave Pritchett

Dave Pritchett grew up the child of missionaries near the foothills of Mt. Kenya, and is grateful for a formative childhood living alongside an indigenous culture.  Now he lives in Portland, Oregon, and as an associate medical director for a detoxification center and as a permaculture teacher and designer, he works for the health and recovery of both people and landscapes.  He enjoys volunteering his skills in organizations like Ecofaith Recovery and Portland Fruit Tree Project, and cherished time spent with the Wilderness Way community.

Rev. Robyn Hartwig

Rev. Robyn Hartwig serves as part-time pastor/organizer for EcoFaith Recovery and part-time associate pastor for St. Andrew Lutheran Church of Beaverton. She is passionate about starting small groups that deepen community and foster spiritual recovery from consumerism’s addictive and devastating effects upon our lives and the life of our Earth home. Her leadership of EcoFaith Recovery has been greatly enhanced by her training as a GreenFaith Fellow in 2009 – 2010, her participation in the 2008 training of 150 religious community leaders by former vice-president Al Gore’s Climate Project, and her previous training and experience as a high school economics and government teacher. She was recently trained by Lutherans Restoring Creation to serve as a “Green Congregations” trainer and by the Industrial Areas Foundation in its week-long Northwest Regional Leadership Institute to enhance her abilities as a faith-based organizer. She is married to Janet Parker, pastor of First Congregational United Church of Christ in Salem, Oregon.

Rev. Solveig Nilsen-Goodin

Rev. Solveig Nilsen-Goodin is the pastor of The Wilderness Way Community, a small emerging faith community, which seeks to ground and cultivate “wild” Christian disciples and fearless spiritual leaders to participate in the Great Work of our time – the transition from industrial growth society to life-sustaining civilization. Solveig is on the leadership team of EcoFaith Recovery’s Beyond Fossil Fuels “Grounding for Action” meetings and co-taught the “Organizing in the Biocommons” course. She is a spiritual director, published author and accomplished musician. She built a yurt in her back yard and continues to dream of the day when all Christian communities will worship in yurts.