2017 Weekend Institute

Awakening Congregational Leadership
for Recovery and Hope

An Invitation to Recovery and Hope

EcoFaith Recovery invites faith communities throughout the state of Oregon to become engaged in the worldwide Eco-Reformation Initiative. This initiative is a call from prominant theologians and faith leaders to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and be inspired to action in our contemporary context. To support this Eco-Reformation, EcoFaith Recovery is hosting a Weekend Institute this June 2-4th. The Institute will be centered on the Practices for Awakening Leadership as a resource for developing leadership and equipping participants to carry out an Eco-Reformation project in their congregation or community.


Seeds for an Eco-Reformation Grant

Through a grant awarded by the Oregon Synod, ELCA, eight ELCA congregations will receive the opportunity to attend the EcoFaith Institute June 2 – 4th at a discounted price, and participate in ten customined coaching meetings to support their Eco-Reformation Project. Learn more here.

**Applications are now closed for the Seeds for an Eco-Reformation Grant.


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About EcoFaith Recovery

EcoFaith Recovery is a faith-based leadership development effort grounded near the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers and reaching out to other parts of the Pacific Northwest for the purpose of revitalizing congregational ministries to participate in the healing of creation. Rooted at that confluence, EcoFaith Recovery is fed by the deep waters of the Christian faith tradition, the environmental and eco-justice movements, and the 12-step recovery movement.

Together, our eyes are opening to the enormity of the ecological-economic-spiritual crisis before us. As we wake up, we are discovering that we are part of a much greater spiritual awakening – an awakening that allows us not only to see into the depth of the crisis, but also to commit ourselves to be a source of inspiration and healing within this crisis.