Dave Pritchett

My childhood was divided between growing up in the foothills of Mt. Kenya in East Africa as a missionary kid, and high school years spent in Little Rock, Arkansas. More recently, I came from Indiana with my partner, Lizz Schallert. Since our move in March of 2014, we have been glad to call Wilderness Way community our spiritual home as well as our deep kin here in Portland.
Dave Pritchett is the third Intern Coordinator with EcoFaith Recovery. He is a former intern with EcoFaith Recovery. For information on his project as an intern go here.

Minda Jerde

Minda internship was focused upon enhancing the role of the website and integrating blog and social media into the communications strategy of EcoFaith Recovery. We have Minda to thank for the creation of new pages and updating of content on our website this summer!
Learn more about Minda and her Internship!

Karen Bailey

As part of her certificate program in nonprofit management, Karen created a document for EcoFaith Recovery that could be used by future Core Team/Board Members to better understand EcoFaith Recovery history and development.
Learn more about Karen and her Internship!

Shelby Smith

Photo on 6-25-16 at 5.16 PM #2
Shelby grew up in the Pacific Northwest and spent many weekends being shaped by city life and the forests and mountains. She had been aware of issues of social and environmental injustice from an early age and wanted to pursue either social work or forest conservation. Shelby thought they were two separate worlds and that to devote herself to one meant she would neglect the other.
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Karin Hatch

Karin Hatch
Karin was born and raised in the Portland area. She's attended St. James Lutheran Church for her entire life and is now a member of the church council. Her connection with St. James and the people there is very important to her. Some of the most memorable and impactful experiences have been ones surrounding her mission trips.
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Barbara Willer

Barbara Willer practicum was part of her Masters of Divinity degree at Marylhurst University. Her focus was to integrate what she has learned about ecology, theology, and recovery from consumerism by participating on the leadership team for the Organizing in the Bio-Commons course and being a part of Core Team conversations through which the mission of EcoFaith Recovery is further developed and put into practice.
Learn more about Barbara and her Practicum!

Susanna (Turtle) Farahat

Turtle Internship was called: What Moves You? Exploring the how? of transitions into new relationships with money/exchange/wealth. She explored this topic through conversations with people who are living into another way of relating to money/exchange/wealth, and conversations with others who may have considered alternatives but who still find themselves primarily in mainstream relationships to money/exchange/wealth.
Learn more about Turtle and her Internship!

Nathan Holst

Nathan internship prepared him to lead and carry out a 47 day long youth camp during 2013 which will include teaching, conversation, experiences of the biosphere (hikes, canoe/kayak outing, Cosmic Walk, etc.), and games. 
Learn more about Nathan and his Internship!

Nikki Reutter-Harrah

Nikki developed a workshop for teenage girls and young women focusing on how a recovery from consumerist addiction would lead to the rehabilitation of the female body and the Earth.
Learn more about Nikki and her Internship!

Current Interns

See our current Interns and their Projects
Thank you to Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries, Lutheran Community Foundation, Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and supporters like you for making these internships and practicums possible! Because of your generosity, we are raising up new eco-faith leaders to help us all recover a more sustainable way of life!

Jason Wood


Jason Wood and his wife Anna live in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, British Columbia, where they seek to practice radical hospitality as part of the Servants Vancouver community. Passionate about indigenous and climate justice, he organizes with Earthkeepers: Christians for Climate Justice and participates in Anglican-based Salal and Cedar, a watershed discipleship community. For his internship project, he is developing and running Red Clover Farm, a small urban farm re-connecting people to their food sources and to one another.

Chloe Mankin

Chloe recently graduated West Linn High School in the class of 2016. She is interested in Biology and planning to major in Environmental Science at California Lutheran next fall. Chloe enjoys reading, hiking, and listening to music in her free time. She was elected president of the International club during senior year and was a participant of the school tennis team. Chloe has a strong passion for the arts and hopes to incorporate her interest in her future career. Her long-term goal is to encourage others to help protect the earth and promote worldwide change.
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