For your ease and convenience, you can choose a one-time gift or a sustaining monthly circle donation.

Just as a tree has rings of growth which sustain its life over time, EcoFaith Recovery’s circles of support facilitate the organic growth of our movement and give it greater stability over time.

These can be set up using the menus and buttons below.  Thank you!

UPDATE: EcoFaith has an opportunity to match dollar for dollar the contributions of those who sign up as “Sustaining Donors” (regular monthly donations) and First Time Donors.  A full year’s worth of your monthly gift (up to a combined maximum of $5,000) will be matched. In other words, if you pledge $50/month, you will allow EcoFaith to access $600 (12 x $50) in matching funds! Please consider becoming a Sustaining Donor today, and take advantage of doubling your impact.

Monthly Gifts

Protective Circles

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Monthly Gifts

Growth Circles

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Monthly Gifts

Regenerating Circles

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One Time Gifts

After clicking
the donate button
specify your
donation amount.

Weekend Institute Payment

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Please note, this is not a "donation", but a payment and therefore not tax deductible

You may also mail your contributions to: 

EcoFaith Recovery
P.O. Box 12612
Portland, OR  97212

Thank you!  Your gift payable to EcoFaith Recovery is tax-deductible under the 501(c)(3) status
of our fiscal sponsor, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Portland, OR.

Designate your Thrivent Choice Dollars to EcoFaith Recovery

Our fiscal sponsor has graciously agreed to pass along to us any donations explicitly earmarked for EcoFaith Recovery. EcoFaith Recovery exists under the fiscal sponsorship of  Salt and Light Lutheran Church (formerly know as Redeemer Lutheran Church) of Portland, Oregon, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Use our fiscal sponsor info (below) if you desire to designate your Choice Dollars to EcoFaith Recovery, and be sure to let know that you want those dollars to be directed to EcoFaith.

How to designate dollars to EcoFaith Recovery:

  1. Email Jennilee at and let her know that you are generously designating your dollars to
    EcoFaith Recovery via Salt & Light Lutheran Church (formerly Redeemer Lutheran Church) and how much you are donating.
    This will allow me to contact Salt & Light and have them mark this gift for EcoFaith Recovery.
  2. Use Thrivent’s website to designate Dollars, go here and log in.
  3. On the designating form use this information:
    • Salt & Light Lutheran Church
      U.S. federal EIN/Tax ID number is 93-0637109
      If you have any trouble or questions please

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